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Surveyors has taken on a wide gamut of projects — from legal and land development surveys, to aboriginal land surveys, GPS and conventional control networks, and beyond. Whatever your project, Browne Johnson has the equipment, skilled personnel, and background knowledge to complete it on time and on budget.

Our land surveyors would be pleased to talk with you about moving your project forward.

Subdivisions & Legal Surveys

We can guide you through the process of subdividing your land, creating a strata development, or other legal land uses. We’re proud to offer our clients “full service” consultation, taking land development projects from initial concept to creation of final marketable parcels.

We can also perform many other types of legal surveys, such as:

  • Boundary staking and re-posting
  • Statutory rights of way, easements and covenants
  • Roads, highways and railways
  • Crown land acquisition and tenure
  • Park boundaries
  • Natural boundary definition and accretion